erectile dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

The male population of the globe suffer from various diseases, no less women and children. Although many male diseases such as erectile dysfunction, are not deadly, but ruin lives they can. Especially personal. Men do not like to discuss such sensitive topics as their health, and often go to a specialist, when the disease begins to show itself aggressively.

Experts medical center "Altera Medica" paying close attention to issues of men's health and offer the most modern and effective methods of treatment of erectile dysfunction in Moscow. Therapeutic course is developed strictly individually, taking into account the nature of the sexual disorder and causes of his offending, the fact that many of them do not relate to problems in the reproductive system.

Experiencing failure in intimate life of men should know that potency alone is not restored. Erectile dysfunction tends to progress and is frequently complicated by organic changes in the penis develop fibrosis the corpora cavernosa. So the most important factor for full recovery of natural potency is the timely treatment of men a specialist.

A modern approach to the treatment of impotence requires the most informative, complete examination. In the urological Department of the medical center "Altera Medica" apply modern diagnostic and treatment methods that allows you to quickly solve even the most complex issues related to diagnosis and treatment of erectile dysfunction.

No need to postpone the visit to the urologist-andrologist or to try to treat impotence independently. If you experience any of the problems with potency just come to the medical center "Altera Medica". In our clinic, doctors with great practical experience, thoroughly owning advanced diagnostic equipment and advanced therapeutic techniques that provides the ability to identify the problem at a very early stage of development and to assign competent, the most efficient treatment.

Impotence – not a sentence, but a disease

Perhaps, in the world there are men who would absolutely not touched or indifferent to the verdict of "impotence". Even the mere mention of this disorder plunges representatives of a strong half in gloom, and even the appearance of any of the primary symptom weakening of erection appears and does something terrible.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is the inability to maintain adequate erection, which makes it impossible for the Commission to complete intercourse. Even the most conservative estimates confirm that sexual dysfunction affected nearly 45% of men around the world aged 40 years. At the same impotence as an independent disease is rare, more often this pathology is manifested on the background of any physical illness or psychological problems.