erectile dysfunction
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Cialis is a modern drug that is used to eliminate erectile dysfunction in men. The current chemical substance is Tadalafil. Clinical effect of Tadalafil is the formation of persistent erection sufficient for making full sexual intercourse.

The mechanism of Cialis

The mechanism of action of Cialis is that Tadalafil has an inhibitory and blocking effect on the enzyme Phosphodiesterase 5 type. This leads to relaxation of the smooth muscle layer of the cavernous bodies, which leads to increase and accumulation of the greater part of the blood. In addition, the increased blood flow to the penis, which creates the necessary conditions for the occurrence of erection. The effect of Cialis can be shown only in the moments of sexual arousal. If sexual arousal is not, then no manifestation of drug action is not marked. The characteristic feature of Cialis from other drugs of the same group is the fact that it possesses very prolonged action. This time reliably precisely is not less than 36 hours. However, in our practice there were cases when patients reported the effect of the preparation during the week.
After taking the drug inside it is rapidly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract and in the blood the maximum concentration observed within 2 hours after ingestion. Withdrawal of the drug for a long time. Clinical significant drug concentration in the blood of patients are still determined on 3-4th day after ingestion. Cialis is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Cialis ingested 1-2 hours before sexual intercourse. If necessary, the drug can be done before. It should also be said that the willingness for sexual intercourse after taking Cialis noted already after 15-20 minutes.

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The recommended dose for is 20 mg. Increasing the dose is not recommended. The reception frequency: not more often than 1 time per week and not more than 12 consecutive weeks. It is worth saying that in some situations you can use a small dosage of the drug (5 mg).

In most cases, Cialis is very well tolerated. Of side effects note mild headache and dyspepsia. Very rarely observed local and systemic allergic reactions. Can be discomfort in the muscles, back and stomach. A fairly frequent side effect can be a feeling of nasal congestion and redness of the skin. Very rarely pain in the eyes, swelling of the eyelids, dizziness, conjunctivitis.

I'm 43.Sex is not wanted, but needed the day to get acquainted with a new girlfriend. The desire arises rarely, once a week, and that really should not commit immediately. Used for the first time, only half a pill, thought will not work. Almost immediately after taking, muddy condition, headache, and light stuffy nose, somewhere in an hour I decided to Jack off, and wonder, began to smoke, but sexual desire does not arise. A friend came 2 hours later, when she undressed, I realized that in a normal situation I would have hardly stood up, and then away we go! In total I finished with the work without the rubber only once, the interval between the first and the second time lasted only half an hour. Pleasure in a partner, all as in a fog. In about 3 hours and I gave up, ran out of power. The night was awful because of the headaches and was uncomfortable with a stranger to sleep for the first time. In the morning a boner is great, took another approach and to work. The condition is still not very good, though, and the headache subsided. At work boner tortured all day, but the head ache is not quite finished. In General, the drug's record, it would be at all great if not for such side effects. Animal sex is guaranteed! I do not drink, do not smoke, but with an active lifestyle done for a long time, a sedentary lifestyle, the computer is always on. I noticed that my potency is affected by the electromagnetic field of the system unit (no contour of the ground). Had to buy extension cords and to push the monitor at 3 meters. It is quite another thing, sorry for late notice. The laptop almost immediately sold, from a field several times more. In General, you need to change lifestyle, maybe things will get better

After the start of treatment of erectile dysfunction patients are advised to independently determine the onset of maximum effect of the drug from the time of reception. This is necessary in order to establish the most optimum terms of reception Cialis. Thus, in our opinion, Cialis today is one of the most effective and convenient drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfucntion, have a pronounced clinical effect and allows to obtain a long-lasting effect.

Cialis Restrictions on the use

Cialis is contraindicated to receive if you are hypersensitive to the drug components, as well as in the case of the simultaneous reception of the preparations containing organic nitrates.

With caution and after consultation with a doctor Cialis can be used in: severe somatic diseases, especially in diseases of the liver and kidneys; after recent myocardial infarction and strokes (the duration of the acute period of the disease must be at least 6 months); angina; hypertensive conditions; when violations of the blood coagulation system; Peyronie's disease; other diseases that may cause the development of priapism. Cialis is not used in individuals whose age does not exceed 18 years.